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It's really nice to see everyone at home~

[Private to Kaoru and Ryohei]

I was wondering if you both would like to come over for a day or two~
02vocaloid: (crying I'm fine!)

[Sloshing of water heard]

AH! My sheet music is soaked! I worked on that for 2 straight weeks!
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That event...was not fun. I can't wait to see the auction, I didn't think we were allowed to do things like that though.

Len being here is really nice, I missed him.

Oh~ Ryohei~ we are going to the dance together right?

[Private to Rise]

I had a question for you...
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It's going to be an EXTREME day!

Did every one have a good weekend? Mine was EXTREME!

[ooc: Rin got dared to act like Ryohei for day~ have fun with her. It was just be and Kaoru-mun so we were like canon~]
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[If you see Rin she will be walking around in a rather pretty yellow dress. She is a princess but not or typical sing to birds and flowers happy-go-lucky one. No, she is the evil Princess of the Yellow kingdom. With a rather annoyed look on her face she will be heading to class refusing to carry her books in anyway.]

No. Where's Len?

[ooc: Well for Rin one of the Princess related things that is know best would have to be Daughter of Evil. So here you have the evil princess of the yellow kingdom. Enjoy her~]
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[Filtered to the boys...and from Ryohei.]

I had a question. What is that guys really want?


[Filtered to Girls]

I think we all need to have a girls night~ I used to have them with my auntie. Rise and I do too, so anyone wanna join?

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Well...my first Quidditch game was interesting...yes that is a good word for it.

Are they always that...loud and dangerous?

Not to mention Ryohei...he can be special...

Well It was different to see your boyfriend almost going after players.

But anyway....I guess congrats Slytherin...not

[ooc: Strikes are quite hackable XDD]
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Um...R-Ryohei...I might need help...

[She is trying to act brave but is trying to get to the hospital wing. But with all the snakes she is a little scared...]
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[Private to Kaoru, but hackable for people who know her.]

I'm going to ask him! Meet me in the Great Hall okay?


[Private to Ryohei.]

Ryohei...can I talk to you? Can we meet in the Great hall?

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[Sitting the corner of the girls dorm in Hufflepuff. Her face a bright bright red]

How could he do that...How...HUH?!

My voice!

[If you hear this you will notice her voice sounds like a computer program and she can't stop it. Anyone scared of robots...you have been warned! And for the first bit Ryohei "decided" to kiss her with help from Sara.]
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I have a new song if anyone wants to hear it~

It's called the Iroha song~

[Private, hackable to friends]

Ryohei...Um...I heard the painting talking...
02vocaloid: (Yayness!)
[Private, hackable to friends]

I had a date! A date! It was lots of fun! I can't believe I had my first date.


Kaoru! I came up with a new song...um can we get together so you can read it?

Oh and Ryohei, I had a lot of fun. Thank you.

[She went on a "date" with Ryohei on Saturday feel free to poke if you saw them...Ryohei is a little hard to miss. Tag maybe a little slow...sorry com and then possibly broken hand and all.]
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[Private to Sara hackable to Kaoru]

Saralegui! Where do you get off!? I mean telling my friend he's an idiot and doesn't deserve love!

You need to not be a jerk!


[This is backdated a little ^^]
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[Rin has accidently left her journal open...]

I...I don't need him...not like I care. I don't care!

Grandma can just take him...doesn't matter to me...

[There are some soft cries.]

[Rin can be seen in the Hufflepuff commons...alone. She is sitting on one of the far chairs not interacting with anyone. Feel free to poke her and ask what's up.]
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[Forgetting to close her journal Rin expresses how much she doesn't agree with this.]

AH! Why am I upside down!!

Is this place always this crazy!

I want to be back on the floor, I can't work on my songs or homework this way!


[notices journal is open.]

02vocaloid: (OH NOES!!!!)
Is there always this much homework the first week? I mean...this is crazy. I have never had this much work...

The music room is nice. But I haven't been able to finish any of my song with all this work, at least it's finally the weekend! Maybe I can relax and write some more.

...How is everyone?

[ooc: She is trying to be more social and nice...she really is XD ]
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[private// but totally hackable]

Len! I still don't see why we have to go to this school in the first place...still!

Grandma first said we could be home schooled...it was only the bus...twice...I don't see the big deal.

At least we can still do some music....right?

I guess I need to say Hi...too right?


Hi...my grandmother got me this...journal?

She says that other can see it...if I want them to?

[Okay so this is Rin, she is not so good at the whole private thing...at all. And yes she kind of by accident set a fire on the bus...twice. but yeah feel free to hack her post and everything lol.]


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